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Who said that there are no masked avengers in Finland?

Owner: Jesse Haaja

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Rendel is a comic character created by the director Jesse Haaja 15 years ago in Finland. Now, over a decade after the first sketches, the masked avenger is about to hit the cinemas. Rendel will be the first Finnish superhero movie ever and it has already drawn a great deal of attention and positive fan feedback.

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Rendel the Movie Crowd Funding

Rendel is the first European superhero movie.

The movie has proceeded in a good tailwind and the director has decided to bring forward its publication. Originally, the movie was intended to be released in 2017, but now Haaja is certain that it will get its premiere during the year 2016.

The Rendel movie is Jesse Haaja’s lifelong dream, which is now coming true. Haaja announced the movie in late March 2014 and during the past six months the project has proceeded faster than anyone expected: the lead actors, including well-known Finnish names, have been attached, the preliminary manuscript is ready and the locations have been chosen.

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Rendel will be a story of a man blinded by revenge and hatred."

The budget required for the production has already brought together ensuring that the movie will be published with 100% certainty. However, extra finance for the marketing is still required to exploit the commercial potential of the movie, as the worldwide attention and positive reception has shown that this project has realistic chances to make an international breakthrough.

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