KeljauzBiz creates story-driven games that support the idea of meaningful entertainment; the games are both fun and educational as they are connected to real history.

Owner: Antti Kovanto

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Elevator pitch

The vision is to make youth interested in culture and history from a story-driven game perspective. KeljausBiz' indie game company uses the deep waters of European Culture in their game designs, that guarantees games to be both educational and fun for young and older audiences. The games contain logic puzzles that can consist even verbal math problems.


Children do not learn their language nor their western culture heritage deeply enough in school. My games are targeted to fix that problem and support adults to explain the world to their youth with fun and brain challenging games.


By offering rich story-driven content we improve the learning and listening skills of younger audiences. Through stories we share knowledge of important parts in our culture, offering parents meaningful entertainment for their youth.


By localization we can offer the games in each person's mother tongue. First two languages selected are English and German. The games are sold in chapters that is commonly used method in the story-driven game genre

Competitive advantage

I have the best team available that includes book-writer, game designer (me), senior graphic artist and a coder with 15+ years of experience.

Exit scenario - how do we make money for our investors?

The F2P model can be well implemented to the game to give the optional "by-user-choice" for buying extra content that the user feels important to know more about. All my projects include large background work, that includes deep understanding on the references.

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For the future, well designed story content is essential. KeljausBiz is an independent game company focused in story-driven games. 

I have designed two games that would apply both to schools and entertainment. In that difficult task I have learned story-driven suits my pursuit the best. KeljausBiz games includes stories that are rich in European history, mythological elements, interesting problems and humour.

Both game projects have been granted money support from AVEK and KMS and I have a team of highly skilled individuals waiting to complete the games. 

I have also future vision to create game engine Catharsis which focuses solving the interactive content creation problem for schools. The major problem is the usability issues and automation for fast producing in the generic game engines. With a tailored product I aim to solve those problems as they are connected with teachers' often lacking technical know-how. 

I am looking for early-stage angel investors and pre-sales with serious interest for story-driven games and youth education.

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