Companies all over the world can launch presales based crowd funding campaigns. You may raise funding by selling your products or services before they even exists. And the most important thing is publicity that you will get!

The crowd is here to support your growth and get the coolest things before they are available in stores.

"And it is not all about the money.

You will get a huge crowd of marketers. And you may be sure that you will get a lot of feedback to support your development process."

PocketVenture fee

Our fee is 10 % + 0,35 EUR + VAT (24 %)* out of the each transaction. We will submit the company’s share of the raised funding to the company after the sales period ends. The company may decide which party pays our fees: the company themselves, or the people buying the products or services during the PreSales campaign.

When you consider pricing please notice that in our service you need to give a price that covers global transportation costs possible claims etc. see terms

*Tax(Value Added Tax) is assessed on the above fees, not the total sales. The VAT charge is 24% of fees, approximately 1-2% of total sales.