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Open your Companies Pitch - it's Free to Start Raising CrowdFunding

Visibility is crucial for a new product entering the market. We offer you FREE tools to gain visibility and analyze your success. Prepare a great pitch and update it continuously as you develop your company. Join now and put your company to the spotlight! Pitching your company online is always FREE and you don't need to open crowd funding campaign if you dont't want. But beware investors may give you some suggestions!

Raise Crowdfunding

To make your business better and more profitable you might also need monetary support. After you have opened your company to PocketVenture you may want to make some money. Then it is time to open up your crowd funding campaign. We are more than happy to help you from this stage just read following crowd funding tips and prepare your campaign. We will contact you after you have opened your first product (yes we need to activate that before crowd may see that) or contact us if you have any questions.

How PocketVenture Presales Based Crowdfunding Works?

Presales crowd funding means that your backers may fund your company by buying your products or services.

1. Open your company page. Use some time to make it also look great, attach video and keep your story clear so that all you backers will understand it.

2. After you have made a great page for your company it's time to create product. Your backers will ask question "why I should give money for you?" ! Make awesome products (nope 50€ baseball cap might not be the greatest idea) and give a life time opportunity to be part of your great story. 

3. COMMUNICATE, thank your backers SHARE updates. (you will get real time information from platform)

4. After your packers have made purchases PocketVenture will clear your share to your account monthly. This is the biggest difference when compared to Kickstarter. You do not have target that you need to pass and we can confirm that you will receive all funds that crowd may see at the page.

5. When your crowd funding campaign ends it is time to submit the products or services. Communicate with your backers!

6 Do it again! 

How PocketVenture Equity Based Crowdfunding Works?

Equity based crowdfunding means that you offer your company's shares for investors to raise funding.

Technically please review presales campaign steps. PocketVenture is currently offering hold shares functionality it's FREE now and for ever and you or your investors are not comitting in anything at this stage.

1. Start your equity based crowd funding campaign.

2. Investors can hold your shares and you will receive emails and ammounts.

3.You decide what to do next. If list looks good why not send them a real public offer.

4. Payments - coming up... please contact for further information.