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If you like project you can help a lot by sharing companies pitch so that also your friends will find it. Why not give some advice? Feel free to leave your comment. We also believe crowds power so if something irritates please also say that loud! (or tell us privately).

Backup companies (Presales based crowdfunding)

When company is looking for presales based crowdfunding (you see BUY button) it's very easy to backup company. If you like their story and the product or service is interesting just BUY it. 

Invest in company by using PocketVenture Hold Shares Functionality. (Equity based crowdfunding)

If you see "INVEST" button on companies site you may hold their shares. This means that if you are interested in to invest to the company you may hold their shares. We collect your email and ammount of holded and share that information for the company.

After that company decides how they will be proceeding. If they decide to continue you will get official offer that you may accept by paying your investment to companies account.

Our Crowdfunding history

Our company Business Angels Finland Oy/ltd was established 2006 and our roots are start up companies and businessangels matchmaking. We got a vision about crowdfunding a long time ago and now we are here. Follow us in social media to see latest news.

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